Thursday, September 1, 2011

Watching You

This NASA photo taken of the Helix nebula from Spitzer space telescope reminded me of a hymn we used to sing in church.

All along on the road to the soul's true abode,
There's an Eye watching you.
Every step that you take this great Eye is awake,
There's an Eye watching you.

The hymn "Watching You" was written by John Melvin Henson in 1915. It was popular in the little church we went to occasionally when I was a child.

Watching you, watching you,
Everyday mind the course you pursue;
Watching you, watching you,
There's an all-seeing Eye watching you.

This song scared me silly! Good thing I wasn't able to see this; I would have most certainly fainted dead away.

Fix your mind on the goal, that sweet home of the soul,
There’s an Eye watching you;
Never turn from the way to the kingdom of day,
There’s an Eye watching you

Thankfully, I understand God a little more now. It is a blessing that He is omnipresent and watches us...not because He is going to sap us the first time we sin, but because He is always near, wrapping us in His arms, keeping us close to His heart.

The eyes of the LORD are everywhere, keeping watch on the wicked and the good.--Proverbs 15:3