Friday, September 9, 2011

Folklife Friday: Preserving Pears

span style="font-size: 180%;">It is September; time for pears to be harvested.

Lots and lots and lots of pears.

"> Way too many to eat before they spoil. So I canned some.

span style="font-size: 180%;">Unfortunately, I don't have a pig to give the peelings to; they went to compost.

span style="font-size: 180%;">Pears must be preheated before canning. These were firm, so I cooked them about twenty minutes.

Filling the hot jars with hot pears. The filled jars are cooked at five pounds pressure for five minutes.

My Mama would say they sure were pretty.

span style="font-size: 180%;"> I bought this pressure cooker in the late seventies from Sears for around $40.

I think I have got my money's worth.

This looks like a lot of fruit for a lot of meals.

I always date them. If these were for gifts, I would put a fancy label on them. These are for me, so the black marker works just fine.

On winter nights, when I've worked all day and the bones in my feet feel like they will come through my shoes and my brain is too overloaded to remember recipes, I open a can of pears, sprinkle them with pumpkin pie seasoning, and heat in the microwave. Delicious!