Monday, August 29, 2011


On this day in 1970, we had a beautiful baby boy.

Three years later, Daniel got a brother for his birthday.

"She'll never raise them," they said.

"She hadn't got a lick of sense," they said.

We rocked and read and cried and grew together.

"She spoils them boys too much," they said.
"She's too strict on them boys," they said.
"She even makes them read the Bible," they whispered.

Their little boy faces and voices changed into those of young men. We read and traveled and struggled and grew.

Apparently, we did something right. Today, they are strong men with gentle hearts.

Both are Christian.

Both have stable, loving families.
Both have professional careers that provide well for their families.

Both still read.

Both still respect their parents.

And they, still unable to comprehend that being different is not being wrong, just shake their heads and say, "You're just lucky."

We have been many miles since we read in the rocking chair, but I love them just as much, maybe more. I could not be any prouder of my baby boys.

Happy Birthday, Daniel and Mitchell.

It is a good thing to give thanks unto the LORD, and to sing praises unto thy name, O most High: to shew forth thy lovingkindness in the morning, and thy faithfulness every night. ~Psalm 92:1-2