Monday, April 5, 2010

Multitude Monday

Light of the World who stepped down into darkness, opened my eyes, let me see...

In all things, we are grateful...

For apples and angels,
baskets and bread.
Candles and coffee
Dogwoods and dancing.

Easter and elephants,
family and fun.
Gardens and gumballs,
HOME, and hearts won.

Ice cream and ideas,
jonquils and jays.
Kisses and kinfolks
Long lazy days.

Music and musing,
neighbors and nails.
Oysters and openness
Promises and pails.

Quilts and quandaries,
Ribbons and rain.
Sweet spring singing,
thunderstorms and trains.

Uncles and umbrellas,
victory and vines.
Working and wandering,
X-cellent places to dine.

Yams and youngsters,
zebras and zoos.
Today, I'm grateful
Dear Reader, for you!

I'll never know how much it cost

to see my sin upon the Cross.

holy experience