Thursday, May 18, 2017


We have taken some odd things on trips.      Sometimes, we don't take enough; sometimes, we take way too much.  
We have taken food and water, apparently thinking that wherever we were going didn't have such things.  
We used to take a bag full of books; now we take a loaded Kindle and a bag of books in case we forget to charge the Kindle's battery.  
Hub does most of the driving, so I usually take something to do with my hands, like knitting or sewing. I hand-quilted a full-sized quilt once on a trip to Sisters, Oregon, to a quilt show. 
We have taken loaded weapons through states where it may or may not have been legal. 
We have taken framed photos of our granddaughters to decorate our hotel room. 
We have taken our own pillows, then left them in hotels in North Carolina and Oklahoma.
We have bought plants when we were far away, then struggled to get them home alive. 

Yep, we have packed some crazy and totally unnecessary things, but we have never taken a car door on vacation with us.