Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Sweet Potato Crop

We had such high hopes for our sweet potato crop this year.  Last year, we only had one bed full, and this year we planted two. We just ate all of last year's crop a few weeks ago. The sweet potatoes started out so well this year; the vines quickly spilling out of the bed.

We pulled off the vines, and Hub started digging. (That is turnip greens in the upper right corner.)

Our granddaughter, Adrienne, and her fiance, Nicholas, came to help us.

Remember how well they started?  Here in Northwest Alabama, it stopped raining about mid-July.  We  had very little rainfall in August and September, and it is dry as a bone here.  Although we watered the sweet potatoes regularly, they suffered from lack of rain.

There were many potatoes, but most of them were small.  The wheelbarrow below is our total crop this year.  Disappointing, but still enough to enjoy for a while.  

We will try again next year.