Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Recycled Bicycle

When our granddaughter, Amanda, was about five years old, we found this bike at a yard sale for $5.  It had a cute seat on it then, and Poppy bought the horn for it.  It stayed here, and Amanda rode it up and down the driveway thousands of times.

Amanda is sixteen now, and drives her car named Harold. The bike had been stored until recently, when we pulled it out of the spider webs and washed it off.  Poppy had already removed the seat when I remembered to take a photo.

Poppy painted the whole thing white, then added a galvanized bucket that was ruined inside (he knew I would never let him use a good bucket).  He somehow welded it on to the bicycle frame.

It is now in the flower bed in front of our porch, among the roses and the peonies. Poppy steadied it up by adding some metal pipes. 

I added the fern, which should spread out and cover the bucket by the end of the summer.

I get to keep the bike a little longer without feeling guilty.