Friday, January 29, 2016

Relay For Life T-Shirt Quilt

During my winter hibernation time, I try to get caught up on quilting projects that I have started.  Yesterday, I finished this lap quilt made from Relay For Life T-shirts.

I had the idea to make this more than two years ago.  These quilts are not hard to make; what took so long was finding the right T-shirts.  They were all Survivor shirts in purple and white.  It took a while at the thrift store to find enough, but I found the last purple one I needed just a few weeks ago.

I had just enough for the lap quilt size.  I was afraid if I waited until I found enough T-shirts for a full size quilt, I might be too old to remember how to make them.

I used the back of the T-shirts for the back of the quilt, so you will be able to see some of the sponsors for years to come.

This quilt will be donated to the Woodmont Warriors relay group.  It will be auctioned off at their fundraiser sometime in the early spring.

I hope it finds a good home. I am going to miss that stack of T-shirts.