Saturday, November 28, 2015

Vendors at Chichen Itza

We had been told there would be lots of vendors at Chichen Itza.  With over a million people coming there every year, the vendors have a large and different crowd every day.  I have no idea if they make a good living selling, but most looked prosperous, and most had cell phones in the hands.

Before we got to the entrance door, we were met on the stairs with shouts of  Five Dolla, Five Dolla. It was as hot and humid as Alabama in August, and if you didn't bring a hat, I think five dolla was a bargain.

Speaking of hats--you can always pick out cruisers who have enjoyed too many margaritas at the port; they all are wearing huge sombreros when they get back on the ship. Huge sombreros like we saw in the very old westerns, except these have Mexico in red letters across the top. I'm curious about how they get them on the plane when they go home, and what they do with them after they return home.