Thursday, April 16, 2015

Dining in Charleston: Low Country Food

We couldn't wait to try some low country cooking when we got to Charleston.  First stop, Another Broken Egg Cafe .

Here, Hub had shrimp and grits for brunch.  It was amazing.  AMAZING!

I ordered this breakfast burrito with all kind of goodies inside.  Halfway through, Hub and I swapped plates so we could both try everything. Are we the only ones who do this?

Next day, Hub had a shrimp omelet with grits for breakfast.  We learned that shrimp and grits are ubiquitous in Charleston.

At Hyman's Seafood, fried green tomatoes with grits for an appetizer.  Yum.

Slightly North of Broad is an upscale restaurant just across the street from where we stayed.  We had lunch there one day, and it was just the best.  

This is white bean ravioli, and it was the best thing I ate the five days we were there. Hub loved it, too, and he usually won't touch anything with basil or pesto in it.

The Hominy Grill was spotlighted on the Travel Channel's Man vs. Food program.  Their claim to fame is the Charleston Big Nasty, shown below.  It is a huge biscuit with a fried chicken fillet and topped with sausage gravy.  I thought the biscuit was terribly lacking, but I may be a little spoiled when it comes to biscuits.  

And, of course, we topped it all off with peanut butter gelato from a shop across from the City Market. 

There were so many good restaurants, and we were only there five days.  

We will have to go back later and try the ones we missed this time.