Friday, June 27, 2014


Beautiful is a relative term.  I'm guessing beauty is intertwined with what we need, with what makes us happy.

In early June, we had storms for five days in a row.  High winds snapped trees and power lines and heavy rain flooded roads and fields.  On Thursday night, one of our town's electrical workers was fatally injured while repairing storm damage.  During Saturday night's storm, the wind took down our Bradford pear tree, blowing it across the electrical wires that connects our house to the main lines.

So we had live wires on the ground in the backyard.  We rescued the dog and didn't go near the downed wires until the utilities department got here to turn the power off at 5:30 AM on Sunday.  When the tree fell across the wires, it tore the meter and weather-head from the house.  Our Sunday was filled with getting an electrician to install a new meter and weather-head,  getting the new work inspected, and getting our power back on late Sunday afternoon.

Hub and I have just returned from several days vacation, where we saw many beautiful things, both natural and man made. No doubt, you will be hearing about some of them here in the next few days.  But on that Sunday evening, nothing could compare to the beauty of these people and trucks.

Of course, the tree took the cable line down, too.  Hub called the cable company on Sunday morning.  He was asked to check the modem. "Don't think it's the modem," he told them, "the lines are on the ground." "We will be there Tuesday afternoon," they said.

Tuesday morning, we got a call asking if the modem had started working yet.  "Not yet," Hub told them, "the lines are on the ground."

I was sitting on the front porch when the cable man arrived late Tuesday.  He got a tool box and walked to the house, wanting to check the modem.  I convinced him to check the outside line first.  Not long after, I was able to see reruns of the Andy Griffith show.

Beautiful is a relative term.