Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year

Once again, we have been
given another chance, another
attempt to get it right, another
calendar with blank pages that
will be filled, one way or another.
 What can we fill them with?
A lot of laughter and crying,
some compassion, and more
than a little kindness. We can
stand boldly for what is right.
We can buy some seed,
Plant something, anything,
and watch it grow.  We
can share what we know and
what we grow, green happiness.
 We can do something we have
never done before; something
so far outside of our comfort
zone that no one believes you
can make it.  But you will.
 We can go somewhere we have
never been before, in a car or
a train or a ship or a book.  We
can use our minds to soar through
the stars and come home again.
 We can pray for wisdom and
apply the gifts we are given.
We can listen, we can linger,
we can love, and we can hug.
It can be the best that's ever been.
~Wanda Stricklin Robertson