Saturday, July 13, 2013

Grand Turk

Grand Turk is a small island (6.9 sq. miles) with beautiful beaches.  It was colonized in 1681 by Bermudians who set up a salt industry there. The pond at the top right of the photo is still being used to harvest salt from seawater.  The population is less than four thousand.  Like every island I have ever visited, they claim that Columbus stopped there first when he discovered America.

Steph, this one is for you.

In 1962, the whole world heard about Grand Turk, for it was near here that John Glenn splashed down after his history-making space flight.  The island has a replica of the Friendship 7

and John Glenn on display.

There is the omnipresent Margaritaville on the beach, thanks to Carnival and Jimmy Buffett, where you can buy $40 t-shirts or stay dry during sudden rain showers.

The only time I hear Grand Turk mentioned now is on the Weather Channel.  The group of islands called the Turks and Caicos seem to be in the path of every hurricane that forms in the Atlantic. After seeing how small and flat the island is, I'd just as soon be in North Alabama when there's a hurricane a'coming.