Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Last Days of Summer

The garden, like the summer, is growing old, and I am going to miss them both when they are gone.

We still have peas (Hub's favorite) and okra.

We usually have lots of peppers by now, but this year, the pepper plants never recovered from the hot, dry days of June and have withered away. The tomatoes have dried up and gone, but they have produced well. I have canned tomatoes, canned tomato juice, sun-dried tomatoes, frozen tomatoes, and spicy green tomato pickles.  Tomatoes are our favorites, but we have eaten so many by now that I'm not too sorry to see them go.

If you look closely at the exposed dirt, you can see tiny turnip greens and kale coming up, in addition to approximately ten thousand tomato plants that have reseeded themselves.  Hub also planted fall squash and cucumbers that are just ready to start blooming.

The basil plants have gone to seed.  Gold finch love the seed, so the basil will stay as long as it lives.

 The four-o'clocks are at their peak now.

 The tithonia have taken over the other flowers, but a few zinnias still peep through.

Right now, the garden is a sprawling, overgrown, beautiful place, full of birds and butterflies.  It is so much better now than when it was just grass that had to be mowed.