Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Show and Tell: Morning Walks

Almost every morning, between 5:30 and 6:30, I go for a two-mile walk.

Some mornings, I had much rather stay in bed, but it gets too hot to walk later in the day.

Walking does have its advantages. One of the reasons I do this is to decrease my ever expanding waistline, but up 'til now, that part has been a dismal failure, possibly because I like to celebrate all holidays, especially those that involve food. Think Cinco de Mayo, National Ice Cream Day, and days that end in 'day'. You get it.

Another advantage is that walking seems to wake up various body parts, including those in the lower back that are weary after years of climbing stairs and mountains. My back kindly reminds me when I miss a few days of walking.

At that early hour, the wildflowers are drinking in dew and smiling.

Insects are humming and the living stirs.

Last week, on a humid day when I had left my camera home because it gets too hot and heavy, I saw a family of skunks, two adults and two little ones. The little ones were running around in the field, playing like kittens. I had never seen this before, although I have lived in the country all my life.

I have not left the house without the camera since then, but the skunks were hiding from me until yesterday when one adult was out for an early morning stroll, just like me!

The photos are fuzzy because I chose not to get too close, and I was using the strongest lens to get these.

When the skunk turned around like it was getting annoyed, I moved on and gave it some space.

Maybe the little ones will be out tomorrow!