Friday, August 27, 2010


Right now, there are three storms in the Atlantic.

Danielle and Earl may turn north and do little harm, except to the people on ships (remember Perfect Storm?). Overall, hurricanes can't be trusted, sometimes changing their direction in spite of the Weather Channel's predictions.

Having lived most of my life 'on the ridge', away from the ocean, I've never experienced a hurricane personally. I have friends that have. All of them, 100%, say they will evacuate from now on.

Here's some books to go along with hurricane season.

This is a sweet story of four women caught in a hurricane at Paradise Resort in the Bahamas. The four women are totally different, and you will be rooting for all of them by the end of the book. Loved it!

My favorite author, James Lee Burke, wrote Tin Roof Blowdown after Katrina destroyed New Orleans. It is fiction, but you will learn a lot about things that never made the nightly news. Starting a JLB book is a commitment for me, because I can't stop reading once I start.

Zeitoun by Dave Eggers is a nonfiction account of the days leading up to Katrina and weeks after it. This book tells how people react to emergencies, sometimes losing their common sense. The book is sobering, well worth reading.

If you have read these or others about hurricanes, please share in the comments section.

Enjoy your weekend with a good book!