Thursday, October 29, 2009

Nashville Flea Market

It's the end of an era.

Meeting at the Tennessee State Fairgrounds, the Nashville Flea Market has been a monthly event for years and years..

It is consistantly voted the top flea market in Tennessee, and is among the top ten flea markets in the country.

Vendors come from thirty states,

they come with their trash

and they come with their treasures.

Thousands of shoppers descend from everywhere, some by the busloads.

We look for rare coins, vintage clothing, the last dish needed to complete a collection.

We haggle, consider, enjoy the process while munching kettle corn.

The fairgrounds, opened in 1891 as Cumberland Park, are closing in June 2010.

The flea market will be relocated. It may be even better than now.

It will not be the same.

.....changes and war are against me...Job 10:17